Attending My First Ever Writing Conference

A couple weeks ago I attended the Let’s Just Write An Uncommon Writers Conference in Chicago, IL. It was the first writing conference I ever went to. It was a two day event, packed with a ton of great informational sessions. I had been wanting to go to a conference, but I found it wasn’t easy to figure out the financial or the travel portions of attending one. So, I was so excited when I joined the Chicago Writer’s Association and immediately discovered they were hosting their very own so close to home.

Working mostly from home, most of my writer friends are online, so I was going alone. The introvert side of me was quite anxious the day of when I walked into the Whitehall Hotel. I did manage to meet quite a few other writers and authors, and even managed to control my anxiety enough to stay for the networking hour at the bar. (Bars and me are not friends, the moment I walk into one, my anxiety kicks up and I want to flee.)

As I was driving home on the second day, it dawned on me that I hadn’t bothered to take any photos. But, I’m also that mom that totally forgets to take pictures of her kids while they are doing something like opening Christmas presents and blowing out the candles on their birthday cakes. So, it really isn’t that surprising.

All the sessions I went to were great, but my favorite has to be the fiction panel where they just answered questions. I do a lot of researching and learning on my own, and after attending the conference, I’m pretty sure I don’t really need to focus so much time to that when it comes to writing at the moment. Quite a bit of what I heard, I already had learned or heard elsewhere. But, I did learn some new stuff and ideas. And of course the people I met made the entire experience worth it.

When the next opportunity comes to attend another conference, I will be doing so.


Side Note:

The Chicago Writer’s Association has a tent each year at the Chicago Tribunes Printers Row event, and since I am now a member, I had an opportunity to reserve a slot at a table under their tent. I did. And then realized I have only a few months to have Fall of the Dawn ready for publication. I’m pretty sure I managed to adjust my schedule enough to get it done, but OMG is it terrifying and exciting at the same time.

Oh and I’ll be hanging out at a table on Sunday June 10th after 2pm, if you’re in the area and want to say hello!

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