May 2018 Updates

Since my last post I have been crazy busy trying to get Fall of the Dawn ready for its on-sale date of June 12th. I am so happy excited to announce that I have ordered a few copies that will be coming with me to the Chicago Tribune Printer’s Row Lit Fest on June 10th.

On top of editing, formatting, and proofing Fall of the Dawn, I have also designed bookmarks to give away and have been working on tote bags that I will be giving away for free with each purchase of Fall of the Dawn at the Lit Fest. I still have so much left to do, but I’m getting there. Now that Fall of the Dawn is technically done, I have been getting back to work on Dawn of the Night. I am glad I did decide to write Fall of the Dawn. Having a place for readers to see who the characters were before they see who they are in Dawn of the Night will make a huge difference. Especially Willem. In Dawn of the Night it is too easy to see him as nothing more than a villain, but he really isn’t.

Because I did write Fall of the Dawn, I do have to do a complete rewrite of Dawn of the Night, but this time around should go so much smoother. I have already begun getting back at it, and I am looking forward to seeing how the rewrite goes.


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